Disney Photopass Batch Low-res in Chrome

Can get free photos in 1280 x 850, still quite decent.

Method 1 is first one I found, less efficient but probably more rigorous (much smaller  chance of getting non-image files you don’t want), but once figured it out, it allowed me to figure out a Method 2, which is quite a bit faster. For Firefox, see HighPowereLaser or Jarret’s post; I have to thank those two posters for their info, it got me started for Chrome.

Method 1: wget

  1. Create a folder where you will want the images, say My Disney Photos
  2. In chrome, open the Developer Tools, Network tab at top, XBR tab at bottom
  3. In your photopass home page, select “view slide show” on your “all photos” album; note how photos total
  4. Clear the name panel in developer window
  5. Let it play through all photos; notice the entries that get created in XBR view, one per image
  6. When slide show stops (this took over two hours for 500 photos), do not close the page; right click the name panel in dev view and select “copy all as XHR”
  7. Paste in your favorite editor
  8. Process so that only lines with “url” (incl. quotes) remain, and get rid of all extra chars before and after so you end up with a list of HTTP addresses. I used Notepad++ with the “Find all in current document” with keyword “url” (with quotes). You want to end up with a file that has only this:
  9. Name the file photopass.txt, put it in your My Disney Photos folder
  10. Get and install WGET from http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnuwin32/files/wget/1.11.4-1/
  11. Open a console and cd to that folder
  12. Execute “\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin\wget.exe” -i photopass.txt
  13. Enjoy

Turns out the images are already on your drive when step 8 above done. So here is Method 2, only requires browser cache and renaming files:

  1. Clear the chrome cache
  2. In your photopass home page, select “view slide show” on your “all photos” album; note how photos total
  3. Open cache folder at C:\Users\<yourUserName>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache and verify which file appears when first photo appears in slide show; it’ll be a few 100 kb
  4. Let it play through all photos (this can take hours if you have lots of photos — don’t do any browsing during that time)
  5. When slide show stops, copy files in cache folder, from first one noted to most recent one, to a new folder
  6. Add .jpg extension to all files: from command prompt, cd to your new folder and do “rename * *.jpg”
  7. Switch to “Small Icons” view for your folder and discard files that don’t show up as image
  8. Enjoy

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    Thank you!

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