Zelda Twilight Princess: The Crazy Difficult Wagon Escort to Kakariko


I have been playing Zelda on the Wii with the kids. We were at the part where Link has to escort the Wagon carrying Ilia and Prince Ralis, driven by Telma the bar owner, from the Hyrule village to Kakariko.

I was getting really frustrated with that part of the game as I just could not prevent the birds from dropping the bomb that diverts the wagon into an endless circle around field.

I finally succeeded, here are the two tricks (actually only one of them is a trick, the other a reminder):

  1. reminder: don’t forget to z-lock on the wagon when you want to put out the fire with your gale boomerang. I forgot to do this in my second set of attempts at succeeding this part, so it was impossible (worse than the evening before).
  2. trick: don’t bother too much with killing the monsters except when you have no choice (say when they are just next to the wagon since in this case they keep setting it afire); instead, focus on z-locking on the bird just before it drops a bomb (it always happens in the same two locations) and boomerang it. I was trying with arrows for the longest time and that was too difficult, but the boomerang was easy to aim and other big advantage is you don’t need to change between arrows and boomerang. Once the wagon exits that field, another small field before last gate will have similar scenario: a bird drops a bomb in one location and prevents wagon from getting to gate.  Once you know where that happens, and you see the bird getting ready, z-target it and boomerang it. The wagon will get to gate and you can let it through.

With those two tricks, it is not so difficult, though still challenging.

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2 Responses to “Zelda Twilight Princess: The Crazy Difficult Wagon Escort to Kakariko”

  1. Amalie Howard Says:

    You are so right! I had the exact same issue, and even though I “cheated” and Googled, no one had the answer. I finally made my 18 year old brother do it because I thought I was going to lose my mind. 😉 Where are you now? I am now heading to the sky city for last piece of the Twilight Mirror. That game is awesome!

  2. Amalie Howard Says:

    I think I read that on the IGN walkthrough but was trying to use the boomerang without the Z lock which made it impossible to put out the fires on the wagon or kill the birds. Z lock is the key with either weapon. You’ll be getting some cool tools/weapons in the next few sections! For help, I also alternate with http://www.supercheats.com/guides/the-legend-of-zelda-twilight-princess if I get stuck or IGN isn’t clear. Good luck! Cheers.

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